Reunión Virtual

Launched on September 29, 2009, 88 Channel is the only international 24/7 nautical sports and lifestyle channel in the world. 88 Channel is available to over 20 million subscribers in 44 countries in English, French, Poland, Ukrainian and German. It is available on over one hundred international pay TV, satellite, subscriber TV, mobile phone, Digital Terrestrial and cable TV platforms.

88 Channel is a young but firmly established and award-winning broadcast TV services business, operating on digital satellite and terrestrial platforms (Freeview) and via broadband on the Internet. Our TV channel offers exclusive selection of shows, series and movies on different topics, from documentaries to talk shows. We try to make watching TV not just an entertaining process, but also an educating one.

This spring 88 Channel launches a series of shows dedicated to lifestyle, fashion and traveling. Our anchors will find out what the notion of lifestyle hides. All new shows, interviews, news and even movies will help you identify your lifestyle and broaden your horizons. Our "Lifestyle Spring" opens with the new talk show devoted specifically to lifestyle and personal interests - "Show Yourself".

Our spring program is filled with a lot of interesting content. April will be a remarkable month for the fans of drama series. New series called "Hacking Lives" will be on air from April, 3. Finally, in May an intriguing battle between men and women of the USA will be aired on the 88 Channel. People will show their knowledge in hobbies, interests and lifestyles of each other.